Success Stories LIVE - Summer Shopping

Success Stories Live – Summer Shopping

This pergola structure provides protection and directs the customer through the exterior shopping space.

This shed roof creates a great covered shopping space. This is a much better use of a porch than as storage (AKA dumping ground).


Shelves and vertical displays can be installed in the greenhouse and they don’t always have next to a wall. So long as the main aisle is kept clear and open, shelving can be installed as free-standing, double sided units. These examples from Rolling Green Nursery in New Hampshire show some creative ways to add vertical display areas.

It is important to note that this greenhouse is concrete throughout. Concrete throughout the greenhouse supports many important retail options.

This double sided slat wall unit creates a neat tool department that can easily be transitioned to other categories.

These shelves are accessible from both sides and the slat wall pole wrap creates space for add-on products.

This work station is mounted on casters so it can be used in different locations. It is positioned adjacent to a pottery wall for use in container demonstrations.

If you want to sell hayracks, displaying them like this is the place to start. Note the adjacent work station (on casters!) so the staff can assist customers with liners and planting.

This pottery display is just pallet racking dressed up with a wood veneer.


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Success Stories Live – Summer Shopping

Success Stories Live


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