Store development Options from Growing Places

Design Evaluation Objectives:

  1. Improved integration of existing structural elements including parking, material handling facilities, customer flow patterns, walking surfaces, fixture placement, cart placement and cash wrap placement.
  2. Improved department placement and customer merchandise contact.


Service delivery method –

Prior to on-site for all Service Options –

  • Completion of information form and statement of project purpose from customer.
  • Preparation by the customer of a current, as built, site plan to engineering scale.


Service Option 1 – One day on-site consultation scheduled at mutual convenience with the project development team. Most advantageous schedule is 1/2 day on-site, overnight thinking, 1/2 day (or longer according to travel demands). This option consists of gathering information on the store’s stated objectives
and any other issues identified by Judy Sharpton on site. All information is captured during the meeting on the site plan provided and all notes collected and copied for all parties at end of meeting.

Budget $1200 plus travel and hotel accommodation.


Service Option 2 – Two day on-site scheduled at a mutual convenience with the project development team. This schedule is most advantageous with a 1/2 day onsite, overnight thinking, a full day on site that includes a market evaluation and collecting staff input on a prepared form, overnight thinking and a half
day overview of the project, including both the customer’s stated objectives and Judy Sharpton’s observations. Within thirty days, the customer will receive electronically a written report and a digitized site plan based on the on-site consultation.

Budget $ 2400 plus travel and hotel accommodation.


Service Option 3 – All elements of Service Option 1. In addition, within thirty days, the electronic report and site plan will be delivered during a follow-up on-site. At this meeting the store development team will discuss the report and the site plan with Judy, make any necessary changes to the site plan and create
a calendar for implementation that includes promotion opportunities for both renovation improvements and department development. In addition, this visit provides the option to conduct staff training on opportunities for customer service improvements based on the store development plan.

Budget $ 4800 plus trail and accommodations.